Trainees will have gained various techniques before reaching this level.


This course is only for very experienced firearms operatives. Extreme concentration, physical fitness & agility is required as training includes:


Building Entry, Building Searches, Armed protection [bodyguard] skills and escort duties, including to and from vehicles to buildings, switching the client from vehicle to vehicle etc.

Numerous armed foot drills, cover client and shoot, to shoot on command at single and multiple targets are also included.


Please note, all trainees must be physically fit, this course is demanding and intense.


This course is 7 days. Please call to discuss pricing.

Tactical Advanced

Dedicated trainees who have reached this level of firearms training have accomplished & mastered numerous shooting techniques, at fixed and moving targets, and have completed various foot drills.


The Tactical Advanced Training includes fixed & moving targets, shooting from vehicles, stress induced shooting, target reaction shooting, rapid draw and fire, movement and shoot, at single and multiple targets, movement with client while shooting.


Run and Gun Techniques

Training scenarios include protection of client while under gunfire/attack and numerous challenges, shoot/don't shoot and tactical teamwork.


Please note, all trainees must be extremely physically fit, this course is very tough, demanding and intense.


This course is 9 days. Please call to discuss pricing.

Israeli Training

We provide a six day intense training course which is extremely mentally and physically demanding, all trainees must therefore be fit, and well before enrolling on this course.


The military style training includes shooting, and cross country endurance.


2 Days Basic shooting

2 days Advanced shooting

2 days Tactical training


All trainees will endure cross country running, which includes crossing rivers, crawling through pipes, whilst under intense pressure from the instructors, there will be up and down hill & uneven ground to cross, trainees may sustain injuries from the rugged terrain, injured trainees will be stretchered and carried on by other trainees, casualty training is also a part of this course, as the team have to continue with the specific assignment.


By the end of the course trainees will have worked with team members under extreme pressure, whilst recieving constant strict instruction, natural team building is accomplished from such intense training, which also includes team encouragement.


On the last day of the course, trainees will have some team competition (a possible day paintballing).


All trainees must be prepared for the relevant weather conditions, including wet or cold clothing... BE PREPARED!


Price for this course is £1,500

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